April 05, 2020


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About Our Church

Tryon Presbyterian Church is a warm caring community.  Some of our members have been in the Tryon area for years; others have recently moved here.  Some are Presbyterian.  Many others have come from a wide variety of church traditions.  People in our congregation hold different beliefs about many things, but gather with a passion to serve Jesus Christ as his disciples.  Our church is committed to Christian service locally and around the world.  Education is an important way we learn together.  Our worship is traditional, lively, and personal, exploring the practice of faith in the complexities of contemporary life.  Whatever your journey, we invite you to be a part of our community as we experience the joys and challenges of life together, and learn what it means to be faithful Christians.


Who We Are

We are a church that endeavors to be a faith community that nurtures relationships and welcomes people.

  • The Bible is central to our worship and education.  We are neither liberal nor conservative, believing that the Bible speaks its own message if we are but willing to listen.
  • We share a strong commitment to mission and service.  Over 18% of our budget supports the work of over 35 organizations locally and worldwide.
  • We are a church that celebrates life, and embraces all who are undergoing difficult life journeys.
  • We are a Stephen Ministry congregation, where several individuals have been trained to practice a caring, listening ministry for people in need.
  • We are a church where education in the faith is a lifelong opportunity; where questions are valued, and faith is shared.
  • We are a church "under construction" as together we seek to learn what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ.