April 05, 2020


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Fantasia on OLD HUNDREDTH by Gordon Young

Rev. Lesley Bush, Organist 



Christmas 2010 024

The Farwell Memorial Organ

A Brief History of the Farwell Memorial Organ

Mr. Arthur Farwell, a friend of Tryon Presbyterian Church, gave $150,000 to build a pipe organ as a memorial to his son, Frederick B. Farwell (1931-1979). A committee was appointed by Rev. John D. Smith to make recommendations to the Session for the purchase of a suitable organ. The committee consisted of: Eric Larson, Ruth Wright, Jack Allen, George Finnie, Tom Grenfell and Betty Brewer, church organist. Consultants to assist the committee were: Hans Vigeland, Mrs. John D. Smith, Ken Smith and Dr. Richard Peek.

 After extensive study of the Austin, Cassavant, Wicks, Shantz and Möller organ companies, the committee recommended the Möller organ to the Session of the church.

 The organ was delivered May 27, 1982 and installed by David Nelms & Associates of Charlotte, North Carolina.

 On June 13, 1982, Lee Erwin of New York City played the Dedicatory Concert which also honored the retirement of Rev. John D. Smith on June 30, 1982.

 An organ committee consisting of Nancy Dunn, Betty Brewer, Eric Larson, Betty Ross, Don Borden, Ruth Wright, and chaired by Bill Wuehrmann, oversaw repairs and upgrades that were completed in 1999. Significant gifts from several members of the church initiated this work. Several of the upgrades included the Harmonic Trumpet stop and the 32’ Contra Basson pedal stop. Additional electronic digital stops were also added during this renovation.

A new (movable) organ console was added in 2017. The Swell Division pipes were removed and replaced by all digitals.  To date, there are now 19 ranks of existing pipes and 33 new digital ranks. This renovation was completed by Cornell Zimmer Organbuilders from Denver, NC.

 The organ has four divisions playable from a three manual and pedal console located in the center of the choir loft. Swell and Positiv divisions are located in four tiers behind the reredos. The exposed Great and Pedal divisions are located on each side of the reredos. Pipes are also located on platforms behind rock walls on each side of the choir loft.

 The current market replacement value of the organ is $650,000.00.




 Specifications of the 1982 M. P. Möller Organ

  Opus 11595 (Renovated in 1999)


Great Division                    Pedal Division                     Crescendo

Prinzipal 2                             Trompete 8                           3 Programmable 

Bourdun 8                             Contra Basson 32 

Octave 4                               Choral Bass 4                       Accessories 

Principal 8                             Octave 8                               Sforzando (Toe and Thumb) 

Fourniture III-IV                     Principal 16                          32 Levels of Memory 

Harmonic Trumpet 8             Untersatz 32                         12 General Pistons (Thumb) 

Chimes                                  Hautbois 4                            8 Swell Pistons (Thumb) 

Great 4                                   Bombard 16                         8 Great Pistons (Thumb) 

                                               Mixture III                             8 Positiv Pistons (Thumb) 

Swell Division                      Rohrflöte 8                            5 Pedal Pistons (Thumb) 

Basson 16                             Rohr Gedeckt 16                  8 General Pistons (Toe) 

Blockflöte 2                           Harmonic Trumpet 8             Great to Pedal (Toe) 

Rohrflöte 8                            Chimes                                  Swell to Pedal (Toe) 

Viola Da Gamba 8                                                               Positiv to Pedal (Toe) 

Rohr Gedeckt 16                 Positiv Division 

Trompette 8                         Clarinet 8 

Plein Jeu III-IV                     Waldflöte 2 

Principal 4                            Farwell Flute 4 

Viola Celeste 8                     Erzähler 8 

Harmonic Trumpet 8            Terz 1 3/5 

Swell 4                                  Nazard 2 2/3 

Swell 16                                Erzähler Celeste 8 

Tremulant                             Holz Gedeckt 8 

Swell Unison Off                   Harmonic Trumpet 8 

Vox Humana                         Pip (Zimblestern) 

                                              Positiv Unison Off 

Couplers                              Positiv 4 

Great to Pedal                      Positiv 16 

Swell to Pedal                      Tremulant 

Swell to Pedal 4 

Positiv to Pedal 

Positiv to Pedal 4 


Swell to Great 

Swell to Great 4 

Swell to Great 16 

Positiv to Great 

Positiv to Great 16 


Swell to Positiv 

Swell to Positiv 4 

Swell to Positiv 16